About Us

          We focus on responsible travel where we work directly with the locals and respect the environmental and social responsibilities. Our partners are paid fairly and our customers also pay fair prices. We have our own Women Shelter in Indian Himalayas to take care of the underprivileged women plus we are involved in various Fair Trade projects in India, Indonesia and Thailand. Part of the profit from our travels goes to our project “Bachan Women Training and Employment Center”

           We organize small group concept-travels so you can follow your passion while travelling.  You will have a wonderful journey with us where you can discover the authentic side of the country while following your interest and learning from the locals along with like- minded friends.

We have different type of concepts/themes for example- Foodies would love to opt for the culinary trip eating and learning programs. If you’re passionate about photography – you can look forward to clicking a shot of a Himalayan lady working in her fields amidst the back drop of the majestic Himalayan ranges.

           If you like Fabric and texture sit with a Rajasthani lady in her home and learn block printing or weaving in tribal villages among the hills, or fish the indigenous way and discover decade old fishing tricks from the locals.

           You can learn how to make soaps using the local flowers and herbs in a fishing village in southern Thailand or learn to make your own recycled hand-made paper with Tibetan refugees and much more!

           Currently we organize 3-6 trips yearly because we want our trips to have a personal touch. In every trip we dedicate couple of hours for some sort of social activity to give back to the locals or ecology. We have village programs so that you can get the real taste of the country and life style while empowering our village families. Our Bachan project believes in empowering the underprivileged, we train underprivileged village families so that they can stand on their own feet and lead a respectful life. We make sure that our group follows the traditional ethics in order to be respectful to the indigenous.

75%of our profit goes to the community and to our social project!!