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Fair Travel

       Fernweh longs to give you an authentic life experiences may it be eating authentic local cuisine, sitting around the fire in nature exchanging stories, learning to cook with locals, following off the beaten paths, walking through quaint villages, learning local crafts & art, dancing your day or night away enjoying a local festival, being part of the indigenous life, experiencing the unseen stunning natural beauty, sitting between thousands of fireflies in the night, getting welcomed by the locals with warm smiles and ample more to experience while respecting environmental and social responsibility in a small group of travelers.

          Here you can join a group of like-minded friends or tell us your wish and we will tailor-make the trip for you or while travelling you could do one of our programs to fit your agenda.

Our guidelines -

  • We work directly with our guides, accommodation providers, drivers, cooks, villagers and artisans plus know them personally.
  • We work with locals, with us- you eat local, you sleep local and you travel local.
  • We work closely with self-help and NGO groups and have community projects.
  • You will follow off the beaten paths.
  • We work directly with the villagers and have started few village programs to generate income for the farmers and underprivileged women who depend on agriculture or handicraft to live.
  • You will stay in locally owned and small scale comfortable and charming accommodation so that you get real local feel and are not lost in the crowd. Plus of course to support the small local business owners.
  • You experience real culture.it is a cultural exchange experience. We believe in cultural respect and have a list of do’s and don’ts so that we preserve the culture and be respectful to the locals. (very important as we go to the places which are not touched by tourism)
  • You purchase souvenirs from the local artisans and Fair trade groups.
  • We minimise plastic waste and during our trips we try to give something back to the community and/or environment. we dedicate few hours of our travel by doing a liitle project for the community or the environment.

Come and be part of our endeavour and make a difference!!

We are looking forward to answer your question on Facebook or Via email

75%of our profit goes to the community and to our social project!!