Find Yourself – A Spiritual Journey

Connecting with your inner self..this trip will lead you to a journey within, discovering yourself. Amidst the beautiful surroundings of nature and sacred places..Meditation sessions leading to spiritual awakening. Trekking through mystical and enchanting mountains, fun-filled activities...taking you to an intense spiritual experience, complete with meditation sessions, spiritual discussions, chanting, mind therapies, offering you the opportunity to soak in the sacred energies of these enchanting and majestic mountains and come back deeply transformed. Humans have a quest for wisdom and answers to life's most profound questions. Mystic Experiences based on the spiritual insights, such immersive travel experiences are not only stimulating for spiritual development (expansion of consciousness) for participants but are also a powerful tool in breaking down prejudices and increasing understanding across cultural and religious divides for guests and hosts alike. The entire experience helps everybody involved to be transformed.

75%of our profit goes to the community and to our social project!!